The First 100 Days

Knots of discarded string that form a webbed tube.

14 feet tall. 

This fiber sculpture was created in the time between Trump's inauguration and the end of the 100th day of his presidency. Historically, the President of the United States announces at the inauguration what they plan to accomplish during their first 100 days in office, setting the tone for the next four years. In the case of Trump, the tone set was one of hate, racism, and sexism. He immediately began to follow through on his promises. 

Over those 100 days, the repetitive motion used to construct this sculpture channeled my anger, dread, and unease regarding Trump's socially damaging policies into physical space. Creating this net managed my anxiety, bringing me to an almost meditative state, resulting in a calm and clear mind. By getting my worry out of my body and producing something tangible I was able to process what was happening, preventing me from becoming overwhelmed, and allowing me to remain informed and politically engaged.